"The woman who follows the crowd, will usually don't go any further than the crowd. The woman who walks alone is likely to find herself in places no one ever have been before"

Albert Einstein.

Sunday, October 2, 2016

Plant Pots Re-Purpose and they are Lovely!

Hello every one! see I am doing my part of the promise I made with you, who told me that I sometimes take to long to post new things.  I am posting something in at least 1 of my 4 blog weekly! Weeeeee!post signature

This week my neighbour was dumping some terracotta pots and she ask me if I want some of them; of course I wanted them all!  well she gave me some,  so I decide to change them and give a them a new life!
First I wash them with a brush and water, let them dry completely and paint them with acrylic and a base of sealant, I use different technique with each of them.

The after picture of the oval phone will post it later, think I took it with my cellphone...maybe?
two of the 3 pots, after wash and dry.

After was clean & dry, I paint with primer or gesso, let it dry.
Then painted it with acrylic blue and white. After dry, put a sealant.

Doesn't it look pretty? 

The 3 pots.

This one, I use a red base of acrylic then wash it with other colors.
Left it to dry and applied a crackle medium, let it dry. When dry I make a wash with
green and then seal it so the medium do not go crackling for ever! 

This one I also paint with a red base then when dry I apply tissue paper that I had
previously stamp.

Friday, September 23, 2016

Paper Bead Earrings! Wow and a Birthday Card!

Hello everyone!post signature
Yes, I did some paper beads lately! And like it! Is fun and like therapeutic; I really like doing them.
At first had some mishap then I look over how to make them and I tired.
here are my results!
Here are the beads I made, now I want to do more round ones!

Tried to do round ones, but need more practice! 

Here is another style, they look quite Salsa! 

Here are the 2 styles  I made, 
I will be making some bracelet and maybe a necklace.  For this Blog I wouldn't be doing how to, I am really very inexpert still and they are very good sites in the web, but so you have an idea another recycling use for magazines, newspaper etc. 

And for something extra, a Birthday Card! It was made with leftovers, some magazine and old papers, the base is a stepper card that I found in my stash!
The background is a brown paper almost a like the Kraft paper, but not the same.
were the flowers are paste is an old music sheet. To make the stalk we use an flower
leftover paper, the flowers also were cut using the design of the leftover papers.

The middle of the flowers have this glue, then later painted with a marker.
The Happy Birthday was stamp on a piece of magazine, and the flower background
was made cutting pieces from a leftover paper pad and arrage in a rectangular paper
from a voucher.  The background (purple) also pieces of leftover paper that we
glue together, so it only could be seen in the borders.

The back of the card we cover with a nice magazine picture so It didn't look blank.
This way you dont throw stuff and you save money! The holographic paper was only a piece leftovers from a A4 and by cuting it to strips, was used for background in both layers of the card.
Hope you all have a nice week!

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Powertex! Love it!

Hello My friend!post signature
I had been busy!
I am back and I will posting at least once a week project that I am doing.
Well, maybe I will be posting in my other blogs.

Look an old can of yeast! 

Now I use it to put my herbs that I cut from the garden!

liquor bottle.

Wooden box from cigars.



This is a shoebox.  It looks amazing, this Powertex I like it! Need to tried it more.
how I did it and my experiences are in my blog How to; you are welcome to it, follow the link:

Isn't it beautiful?


Hope you enjoy my new creations!
And the best for all!

Monday, July 6, 2015

Re Use Up Cycle Kitchen Jars!

Why buy mason jars? We can use the ones we have leftover from mayo, mustard etc. 
Only download labels! Or design them yourself! 
See the jars I upcycled reuse or recycle from my kitchen! 
First clean the jar very ver well!!
Take out the label with warm soapy water  then I use a little of alcoohol (Do not do this in the kitchen, near fire or enclosed place, please be careful because alcoohol is very very flammable); rub it on the leftover glue.
When the jars are clean let them dry and apply the labels with a glue I used acrylic glue and I varnish the labels first to seal them, so this protect them from grease & water.

I design all to my taste! And also cover the tops! If you like the design you can download them from dowload page for free! 

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Coffee Recycling Center for my Kitchen! Graphic 45

Hello every one!
Sorry again for delay, but as usual I was away and having fun!
But time to get doing something!
I know there is a challenge from Graphic 45 and guest what? Yes
Is about re-use and recycling or up-cycling! And as you know I love that kind of challenges! Weeee!
If you have snails in your garden, one way to keep them far away is using coffee...yes the leftover coffee, but I needed a nice container to put the waste so when I have enough of it I use it in the garden around the places and plants that t he snail like most so they run away (to another garden) jajajaja....not nice.
I use coffee because it works, I don't have to buy harsh pesticide and waste money!
so here it is tara:
Hope you like it!
Yes we drink lots of coffee!

And only Volcanic Highlands Coffee!

The How too is here in this link:

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Bible quotes Recycled Journal! Paper pad holder from Graphic 45! weee!

Looking for some quite and peaceful inspiration?
Here it is!
Wow Doing this Journal is something extra for me; had been reading the Bible for verse, switching my imagination and  had been feeling very peaceful and relax...
Well, let me tell you a history a friend and I decide to interchange a journal with inspirational quotes, and we though what better place to star with the Bible.
I must confess there is only 1 page by now that isn't re use or  up-cycle.

Done over a piece of cardboard from something  a cover it with a leftovers of craftpapapers, the doll dress is
made from Graphic 45   pieces and bits.  Nothing goes to the bin!
This page and the below is the reverse. I use a f/c paper that went wrong, paste over them some
leftovers papers and embellish.

The bird is from and old calendar, the words a leftover paper bits and paint a little
over it.

This one was made in plain paper I didn't re use anything. Of course the markers jajajaj

Using some packaging, I cover it with gesso, and draw and paint
the scene. Below is the reverse.

I cover t his side with a cover from a paper pad, the figures come from an
old calendar and magazine nad add bits from leftover papers.

Use packaging and painted with gesso, when it is really dry, then draw over it and painted.

Try to make it like a mixed media canvas, using a packaging, cover it with gesso
then adding some dimension with paste, some old book paper, draw a heart, use a embossing
powders and voila! 

Cover the packaging with old book papers, applied gesso and draw.
Well here is the paper pas holder! I was so happy to find the right box for my 8x8 paper pads!
Its from a water jug but it did the work!
I cover it with Graphic 45, papers.

Using Bohemian Baazar from Graphic 45 I cover the box with it, using matte ModPodge.

This is the front.
Hope you enjoy...